Tobacco Root Mountains: 

The rugged peaks of the Tobacco Root Mountains dominate the northern part of Madison County. More than 40 mountain lakes glisten in glacial basins sculpted beneath an impressive series of 10,000-foot peaks.  Excellent fishing for cutthroat and rainbow trout rewards anglers in the unpolluted lakes and streams of these mountains. The Tobacco Roots also include very good elk, moose and mountain goat habitat.  The streams of the Tobacco Roots are headwaters for tributaries of the Jefferson and Madison rivers, an important water source for irrigation and downstream fisheries.  As a result of these qualities, hiking, fishing, hunting and horseback travel are all popular in the Tobacco Roots. (approximately 104, 400 acres)



Cowboy Heaven:

Cowboy Heaven sits between Beartrap Canyon and the Spanish Peaks unit of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness. A mix of open grassland parks and forests, this area is a wildlife haven, home to elk, black bear, moose, mountain lion and wolverine.  Isolated by topography and private land, this area being recommended by the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest as an addition to the Lee Metcalf Wilderness.  Hunting, horseback riding, camping, fishing and hiking are all popular in this area. (approximately 39,300 acres)

Gravelly Mountains:

(approximately The roadless lands of the Gravelly Mountains include the headwaters of the Ruby and West Fork Madison rivers.  The lifeblood of the famed Madison River fishery is found in dozens of tributaries pumping clear, cold mountain waters from pristine headwaters in the Upper West Fork, Elk River, Bighorn Mountain and Cliff Lake.  The Gravelly Mountains are famed for producing trophy bull elk due to the extensive summer and winter ranges. They are also home to bighorn sheep, wolves, wolverines, and grizzly bears. Domestic livestock graze in parts of this area in the summer. Backcountry hunting and fishing are popular in these areas. (approximately 252,400 acres in 8 separate units: N. Gravelleys, Canyon Gulch, Cherry Lakes, Wall Creek, Cliff Lake, West Fork Madison, Black Butte, Vigilante).

Snowcrest Range: 

Remote and wild, the Snowcrest Range is one of Montana’s best kept secrets.  Magnificent mountain peaks stretching from Snowcrest Mountain south to Sawtooth Mountain and Antone Peak tower above expansive meadows bordered by aspen groves, stunted conifers and sagebrush.  The diversity of habitats provide excellent homes for black bear, golden eagle, mountain lion, mule deer, antelope and elk. This is a sportsmen's paradise, with abundant game and birds, superb hunting and good trout fishing in the East Fork of Blacktail Creek.  Hiking and horseback travel are also popular in the Snowcrests, and domestic livestock grazing also occurs in this roadless area.  As headwaters of the Ruby River, the Snowcrest Range supplies cold, clean water for irrigation and trout fisheries downstream. (approximately 97,900 acres)