Here is a short list of the backcountry mountain areas in Missoula County that are roadless – where we have approximate/rough acreages we have included them – out of 700,000 national forest acres in Missoula County, only (approximately) 111,000 are roadless acres (less than 16%)

  1. The core of the wild Swan Front is in Missoula county, providing critical buffer zones for grizzly populations, the USFS has, in the past, ranked parts of the Swan Range as one of the nation’s highest quality areas for inclusion in the wilderness system – 

  2. Southern Mission Mountain additions  (around 19,000 acres) --- also key habitat for grizzly and big popular with big game hunters –

  3. Rattlesnake Wilderness additions (around 4,000 acres) – Missoula’s backyard playground.

  4. Lolo Peak additions to Selway/Bitterroot – scenic backdrop and source of spiritual strength for Missoulians, key roadless area now sought to be used by high end ski resort developers

  5. Reservation Divide (approximately 28,000 acres) –

  6. Petty Mountain (approximately 26,000 acres) --

  7. Stark Mountain (portion of approximately 14,600 acres) –

  8. Burdette (portion of approximately 19,000 acres) –

  9. Great Burn (very small slice) –